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Grape Vine Distribution was established in 1 May 2016; we developed on trade and off-trade business with a focus in wine. Our company was registered as a Private Company Limited under the Myanmar Companies Law 2017 in 20 August 2018.


In 2019 we began importing USDA beefs from the United States. We established a butchery operations, under Burma Meat Company, which processes and packages the beef for distribution.


We believe personal relationships are important and customer service is key for our business growth. Our unique sale tactics, depending on the products and type of outlet, include tastings, gift offers, price reductions, and other kinds of promotion. 


We have adopted good sales and marketing practices and today Grape Vine is servicing more than 300+ HoReca and off-trade partners.

  • To become the major distributor that provide unmatched quality distribution of outstanding products and service to local, regional and global market.

  • To open the door of opportunity and prosperity empowering our sub-distributors, wholesalers and retailers to achieve financial independence  and economic stability maximizing the wealth of the market through our product and services.   

  • Our Values provide as a breadth for our actions and describe how we perform in the world.

  1. Leadership : The valor to shape a better future.

  2. Integrity : Be genuine and reliable.

  3. Excellence : To stand out and be known.

  4. Passion : Committed in heart and mind.

  5. Quality : Revolutionary and effective products to cater the world.

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